10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point, WI

This little town is a foodie’s dream, with many outstanding options in all different styles. Come for the river sports on the lovely Wisconsin River, stay to eat at all 10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point, WI! Don’t forget the ice cream!

I was in Stevens Point for two weeks this summer for a business event, and at lunch and after business hours I really enjoyed exploring the outstanding food choices. It’s also a beautiful town to walk in and admire the historic architecture and spectacular flowerbeds! Another highlight was the Schmeekle Nature Reserve, which is a perfect place to run or hike and meet all kinds of wildlife right up close. The baby deer like to say hello….

All in all, it’s a lovely place to slow down and enjoy the spectacularly gorgeous summers of Central Wisconsin on the river.

10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point

1. Belts

This very famous ice cream place is a standout in the 10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point, WI. In the heart of dairy country, local ice cream competition is fierce but this place comes out on top. They make arguably the world’s largest soft serve cone….if you like sharing or are really, really, REALLY hungry. Try the candy flurries (think blizzard on steroids) or better yet, the Turtle. This sort of sundae thing has magical roasted pecans on top as well as ridiculous amounts of chocolate and caramel.

They make their ice cream AND their candy, so it’s all pretty mind-blowing excellence. If you’ve never had real dairy state ice cream in the midstate dairyland, you have not yet lived. They don’t have a website and only take cash, so come prepared!

2. The Wooden Chair

“The Chair” has a cult following. Come here for breakfast and lunch Thurs-Sun. Just for the fun of ordering–and because it’s ALL excellent–try BROTOMUSHEPPERASHEESE. Really. But my absolute favorites are the Spindle (with bacon pepper mayo added), a turkey bacon and sprouts sandwich on their outstanding house bread, and Crabby Guy– an oddly wonderful “open-faced grilled crab salad, tomato & mozzarella cheese on an English muffin. Pretty much the entire town views this as the top in the 10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point. Check them out here: https://thewoodenchairstevenspoint.com/

The famous Spindle at the Wooden Chair
Wooden Chair, one of the 10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point, WI
Crabby Guy at the Wooden Chair

3. Tokyo Steak House

Aka the “Lunch Bullet” because they never seem to replace the missing letters on the sign for “Lunch Buffet”, this place can be described as “unassuming” but that would be an understatement. It belongs without question on the 10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point. Definitely do NOT be put off by the exterior, this will be some of the best Japanese food you’ll ever have.

Try the hibachi offerings or my personal favorite, chicken yakisoba. The chicken is shaved so thin it’s nearly see through, and you will definitely have leftovers. It’s nearly as good in the second round, too! https://www.tokyosteakhousewi.com/

Chicken Yakisoba at Tokyo Steak House

4. Father Fats

This upscale tapas destination has hip urban graffiti decor and a beautiful former greenhouse turned into outdoor seating. Their offerings change with seasonal food availability, but all are outstanding. It doesn’t matter what you order, but the steak with a creamy aioli and fresh green beans in season, and scallops in green curry, were both delightful.

This stop on the list of 10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point is the kind of place that a foodie will remember long-term! It’s a great place to bring a date or impress a business client. http://www.fatherfatssp.com/

Father Fats outdoor dining
Father Fats inside seating
Father Fats Steak and Fresh Beans
Father Fats Scallops in Green Curry

5. Earth Crust Bakery

It’s not exactly a restaurant, but the bakery located inside the tiny Stevens Point Area Co-op is the best in town, and any entry in 10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point would be sadly lacking without mentioning them. The pastries are decadent and healthy and dense and fluffy at the same time, an impossibly addicting combination. Only open Tuesdays and Thursdays, come early to get your favorites because they sell out fast. Try anything and everything, especially the famous cinnamon rolls and danishes. They make some shockingly tasty vegetarian savory turnover pastries for breakfast or lunch too. Try the mushroom and cheese. Tastes just like my grandma’s baking, and that’s my highest praise. Check them out at https://www.spacoop.com/

Earth Crust Cinnamon Roll

6. King Cone

Yes, another ice cream entry. You can’t go to this area without eating ice cream til you burst. King Cone is scooped (“licky”) ice cream as opposed to Belts’ soft serve. Located in neighboring Plover, WI, they have lots and lots of flavors and they are ALL AMAZING. Definitely a worthy entry for 10 Best Restaurants in Steven’s Point, WI. Try anything with nuts, anything with chocolate, or the odd flavors of the day if you’re feeling brave. http://kingconehomemadeicecream.com/

7. Habibi’s Gyros and Kebab House

When you eat lunch here, it’s like walking into the Far East from midwestern Wisconsin. It’s not as popular for lunch as the Wooden Chair, but the food is wonderful. Try the Rose Tea and Chicken Kebabs. Real saffron rice pairs with roasted veggies and chicken, and it’s a quiet and peaceful getaway with flavors from Turkey, Greece, and South Africa. www.habibisgyros.com

Chicken Kebab at Habibi’s

8. Ruby

This upscale tapas breakfast/coffee shop has reportedly the best coffee in town. I’m not a coffee drinker, but their iced tea is good and strong! I had the breakfast tacos, (sausage or bacon) and scrambled eggs with aioli, cotija, and micro greens on corn tortillas. Another delicious option is the Buckwheat Crepe which is drizzled with honey and pepper and topped with microgreens.

Breakfast Tacos at Ruby
Buckwheat Crepe at Ruby

9. Ranchito

Ranchito is perfect authentic Mexican food in a comfortable family setting. The servers make you feel at home, and the food is generous and very very tasty. Try the 3 Tacos (I got shrimp, steak, and pork) with rice and beans, and of course their red salsa and fresh chips will keep you satisfied until your food comes. The salsa is top notch. https://www.ranchitoperezmexicanrestaurant.com/

10. Politos Pizza

If you have a craving for very strange pizza–Mac and cheese? Philly cheesesteak? Steak and fries with barbecue sauce?–as well as all the usual ones, try Politos! It’s by the slice, so the fresher pizzas are best, but some of the odd combos will surprise you. They are very inexpensive and always changing! This restaurant is kid- and budget-friendly. http://www.politospizza.com/

Bonus: Diversi-tea

One of my very favorite places to visit in Stevens Point is quite possibly the best loose leaf tea shop in the country. Diversi-tea offers hundreds of fresh tea blends to take home and brew, and also they will make any of the teas for you in hot or iced version. Their tea is never bitter and their flavors vary from tart and fruity to rich dessert, or basic black, green, oolong, and white teas. I love them so much I order their tea throughout the year. It’s worth it–and I’m a tea snob…. https://www.diversi-tea.com/

If you’ve been to Stevens Point and have other restaurants you think should be added to this list of 10 Amazing Restaurants in Stevens Point, let us know!

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