10 Best Restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona

These 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona will delight your taste buds! The food in this town is completely spectacular and so is the landscape! There is so much to do, see, and eat here.

These were my favorite 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale

1. Kaleidescope Juice

Kaleidoscope is an adorable healthy breakfast stop that I enjoyed multiple times during my stay in Scottsdale. Healthy tasty fuel is the theme, with real honest ingredients. Sometimes it’s hard to get healthy food that you actually want to eat, but Kaleidescope delivers tender baked goods-with surprising ingredients!-that always makes you want another one. Try the Pitaya Waffles and Chocolate Avocado Muffin. https://www.facebook.com/Kaleidoscope-Juice-110605220347870/

waffle with pitaya sauce and coconut from Kaleidoscope, one of the 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona
Chocolate Avocado Muffin from Kaleidescope Juice

2. Herb Box

This was far and away the standout of the many marvelous food stops on this trip. Healthy and trendy in Old Town Scottsdale, and beautifully decorated, I was shocked it wasn’t packed full. Way at the top of the 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona!! I can’t say enough about how amazing the food is! It’s one of those places that you can trust the dish to be excellent, even if the description on the menu is not something you would ordinarily try.

All the flavors were experimental and avant-garde without being weird. Every one of the dishes from start to finish combined and enhanced flavors really well, and it’s a destination you could safely take people who are foodies but aren’t necessarily health-food oriented and trust they will enjoy every bite. We ordered plates to share around, and I’d highly recommend that experience. https://www.theherbbox.com

3. Flower Child

Flower Child-following a healthy theme which seems to epitomize Arizona culture, this place felt like home to a child of hippie parents raised on health food. As an adult, although I definitely like all styles of food as long as it’s tasty and well-made, this sort of place is comfort food for me. Again, it’s food you want to eat, not just for the health benefits. It’s very casual order-at-the-counter style but has great atmosphere, like dining in a chic greenhouse. Try the steak and sweet potato and Brussel sprouts in a Build-a-Bowl. Definitely worth mention as one of the 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona! https://www.iamaflowerchild.com/locations/scottsdale-az/

4. The Mission

A fashionable and intimate restaurant with beautiful decor and presentation and great ambiance, this is an anchor of Old Town Scottsdale. It’s a lovely place for a quiet dinner for two, with a beautiful outdoor dining patio. Check them out at https://www.themissionaz.com/the-mission-old-town-1/

5. True Food Kitchen

Scottsdale Quarter is an open-air sidewalk access mall composed of upscale clothing and home decor shops. I drooled over furry blankets and extravagant light fixtures in Restoration Hardware (a designer home destination!!), and was tempted by luxurious bedding in Pottery Barn. True Food Kitchen definitely deserves a mention even if I didn’t really try their menu. We stopped to feed my friend’s hungry toddler in order to continue shopping, and the Korean Noodle Bowl (even toddler-style) was amazing in the sample I had. A delicious drink called the OG, of lime, ginger, and honey, is highly recommended, with the caveat that you have to like your ginger pretty strong. But completely refreshing on a hot day. https://www.truefoodkitchen.com/locations/scottsdale/

6. Andreoli’s Italian Market

This absolutely fantastic authentic Italian restaurant uses fresh and real ingredients and make their menu from scratch. It is more decadent but still very much worth the experience. As a runner, I really appreciate good pasta! I love good Italian food, and I have to admit this one is possibly the best Italian I have ever eaten. Noodles were perfectly al-dente and the meats and cheeses are completely authentic.

The staff and owner are actually Italian, and can steer you through a completely outstanding menu, whatever your taste. I’ve included this in the list of 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona because I like REAL FOOD and this satisfies! Note: While the name is indicating an Italian grocery, this is definitely a restaurant although you can buy fantastic Italian meats, cheeses, wine, and chocolates here. https://www.andreoli-grocer.com

7. Sunshine Breakfast Bar

Oo, decadent breakfast!!! This place is known for some spectacular French toast with gorgeous presentation. And if you like to drink with breakfast, meet the well stocked breakfast bar!

French Toast at Sunshine Breakfast Bar

8. Merci

An adorable French cafe with imported tea, delicious hot chocolate, and fantastic pastries, Merci is decorated with sparkly chandeliers, photos of movie stars, and French style decor. This entry in the 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona will immediately transport you to Paris in the middle of Arizona. Try the cinnamon rolls. Trust me! https://mercifrenchcafeandpatisserie.com

9. Tortilla Factory

Despite the name, this restaurant is an intimate comfortable dining experience with all handmade ingredients. The meal starts with delivery of handmade seasoned tortillas with butter. MMMMM!! Eating outside in the magically lighted outdoor patio is highly recommended! Try the Mahi Maki Fish Tacos or the Traditional Red Enchiladas. We really enjoyed this candidate for the 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona! https://oldtowntortillafactory.com

Outdoor Patio at Tortilla Factory
Traditional Red Enchiladas at Tortilla Factory

10. Luxe Bar

It’s not exactly a restaurant, but the Luxe Bar DEFINITELY deserves a mention as one of the 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona! This build-your-own ice cream bar is messy and decadent and basically you should just plant your face in it and not care. It’s a ridiculously amazing local concoction that will delight all ages. Try Neverfull of Nuts or the Birkin Bar https://luxebaraz.com

Luxe Bar
Neverfull of Nuts at Luxe Bar
Birkin Bar at Luxe Bar

Whatever your reason for visiting Scottsdale, this beautiful city connected to Phoenix, AZ, is an incredible food destination with an emphasis on fresh and quality ingredients. Also, I highly recommend exploring the beautiful landscapes surrounding Scottsdale, with hiking, golfing, and lovely parks to enjoy! These 10 best restaurants in Scottsdale Arizona are only the start of the journey, and I hope you discover many more along the way!

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