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5 Best Activities for a Romantic Weekend in La Crosse, WI

This gorgeous midsize city in the bluffs along the Mississippi River is a hidden gem for food, architecture, scenery, and relaxation in any season. Stay at a deluxe bed-and-breakfast, take in the excellent food and drink scene, and just let life slow down a bit. Here are our favorite picks for a romantic weekend in La Crosse, WI.

1. Stay at The Castle Bed and Breakfast

This place is AMAZING. A grand stone mansion in a strikingly beautiful neighborhood, it combines the warm glow of stunning woodwork with an eclectic Anglophile decor that is perfect for the style and period. There is so much color and so much to look at.

The hosts of this fantastic place are marvelous and take excellent care of all their guests! We got a fascinating tour of the exquisite rooms on arrival, and each one was stunningly curated. There are plenty of intriguing nooks to curl up with a book or just admire the view outside.

One of the hosts is a gourmet chef, so The Castle definitely wins best food ever at a Bed and Breakfast, hands down!!! The breakfast is guaranteed unforgettable, and fresh cookies can be found in your room. Sausage and eggs and asparagus in a baked squash bowl, fruit and granola parfait, ginger cake, and apple and spinach breakfast salad composed our dramatic and delicious breakfast experience. It was PERFECT. This was our favorite memorable activity on a romantic weekend in La Crosse, WI. https://castlelacrossebnb.com

Stuffed sausage squash at The Castle Bed and Breakfast, a great romantic weekend in La Crosse, WI

2. Lovechild

A very unique gourmet experience, this pick for our best activities for a romantic weekend in La Crosse, WI will delight the foodies looking for a fresh and interesting take on upscale dining. Decorated in a moody and extravagant mixture of French glamour and industrial finishes, this restaurant glows with romantic ambiance.

Try the grilled lamb spiedini with harissa yogurt and salsa verde (staff recommendation–wow!!), any fresh pasta–I had the one featuring spaghetti, shrimp, arugula, hot chilies, garlic, and lemon–and the very pretty seasonal drinks. For dessert, we had the Portuguese doughnuts (similar to beignets) with lemon curd dipping sauce, and these puffy balls of airy perfection are the perfect finish to your meal! http://www.lovechildrestaurant.com

3. Le Cave at Le Chateau

This fascinating stop for drinks after a great dinner at Lovechild was a must-see. Enter the grand stone chateau (we hope to come back for dinner here soon!!!) and descend a small spiral staircase into a remarkable stone cave bar called…of course…Le Cave. This is the ultimate destination for your romantic weekend in La Crosse–it is completely unique. Glittering glass, lights, and rugged rocks with exotic drinks, desserts, and wine….your date will remember this night!!!

4. The Pearl

For ice cream in the summer and decadent chocolate in the winter, the Pearl is a La Crosse icon for many years. Located downtown with an old world feel in a beautiful turn of the century brick building, this gorgeous spot is a step out of time. Don’t miss this activity on your romantic weekend in La Crosse! Traditionally, you would take your ice cream to the park and eat it while walking down the iconic steps fountain, a local favorite. https://www.pearlicecream.com

5. Rotary Lights

What’s more romantic than a stroll through extravagant Christmas lights in the downtown park? Get some hot chocolate, book your horse drawn carriage ride, and be prepared for some Christmas magic! The local Rotary Club puts on quite a show every December, and crowds of people descend on Riverside Park. Music, lights, warming huts, live animals, and organizations vying for the best decorated Christmas tree. Midwest snowy Christmas doesn’t get better than this! https://www.rotarylights.org

It’s a Wrap!

La Crosse, this gorgeous river city with natural beauty, great architecture, unique gourmet food, and memorable lodging options is worth a visit in any season….especially Christmas! Come explore a little-known gem along the Mississippi River Valley!

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