Chicken Cooked with Bamboo Shoots | Khorisa Diya Murgir Jhol

Summers in Assam means that the markets are abundant with bamboo shoots. As the bamboos start sprouting, you get to eat tender and juicy bamboo shoots which can be cooked with vegetables or meat or pickled/fermented for later use. Chicken with bamboo shoots is also such an Assamese delicacy which is best eaten when theRead more

Assamese Recipe: Chicken with Rice Flour

Dear readers, with this post, I am introducing a new segment on this blog. This segment would focus on food and travel in Assam by our esteemed guest bloggers. If you have a piece written on Assam’s food or travel destinations, feel free to check our guidelines, click here. —————————————————————————————————————————————————-   Hello Everyone!!   TodayRead more

Culinary History of Spinach and Two Iron Rich Assamese Recipes

Winters are here and though we live in the concrete jungle, every year my family try to grow some of the winter greens and vegetables in our little abode. This year, we tried some early sowing of spinach, fenugreek, radish and lai xaak. To our happiness, the greens are grown pretty quickly and since then,Read more

Mint and Green Mango Chutney and Some Joyful Memories

Summer is here and so are the mangoes. We are yet to get the ripe ones but once the tender ones are ready to grab, my kitchen is full of them in different avatars. Among lots of ways to eat green mango, our all time favorite is a chutney made with mint leaves and green mango.Read more

Assamese Recipe: Drumsticks in Mustard Sauce | Sojinar Sorsori

Summer is here and though the season demands light gravies, one can not say no to the temptation of drumsticks in mustard sauce.  This is a quick and easy recipe which cannot be cooked with simple ingredients. But before going to the recipe, let us know the health benefits of drumsticks. Health Benefits of Drumsticks DrumsticksRead more

Assamese Recipe: Fish with Ridge Gourd

Summer has made its presence felt in this part of the world and though it is still officially spring, all the summer vegetables have entered our local markets. Personally, I am not very fond of summer. Uh.. do not get shocked. If you have not encountered Indian summer and that is too in its north-eastern parts,Read more

Assamese Recipe: Green Jackfruit Curry | Kesa Kothalor Aanja

Every season brings the flavor with it and refreshes our taste buds. During these months when you are bored to death with the cauliflowers, cabbages and other winter vegetables, drumsticks, tender jackfruits bring the much-needed change of taste to our palates.  Today’s recipe is the Green Jackfruit Curry. But before going to the recipe, letRead more

Culinary Past of Cauliflower and the Assamese Recipe for Potato Cauliflower Fish Curry

The beauty of Assamese Cuisine lies in its simplicity. It uses minimal ingredients which are available in the season. These seasonal produces along with freshwater fishes make any Assamese dish delicious and full of health benefits. Take any vegetable which is available in the season and we Assamese will give you a fish curry. Typically,Read more

How to Make Assamese Bogorir Achar (Indian Jujube Pickle)

Winter season is finally preparing for its return journey as mango flowers are blooming everywhere. This is the season when flowers are blooming everywhere and the harshness of winter is retreating. This is also the season when Indian Jujubes or Bogori, as we call it in Assamese, are ripe. Indian Jujube trees are found everywhereRead more

Axomiya Payokh: Treat Your Valentine the Assamese Way This Year!

Ah! It is that time of the year when you can literally experience peaks of love everywhere. February is the month when you eagerly plan something special for your valentine, be it your husband/boyfriend/partner, children, friends or parents. So why not treat your valentine in the Assamese way this year? We all love to eatRead more