Welcome to Foodie On The Road!

                   Welcome to the diary of ‘Foodie’ on the Road! I am Puspanjalee, mother, and wife to two of the most amazing men, a foodie and road trip with the family addict. I love to read and you will always found me with a cup of tea and book in a cozy corner in most of the days.

Why this blog?

                      As you have shown interest this page, let’s assume that you want to know the backstory of this blog. So, why another blog when there are millions of blog out there? My answer is why people open or visits new restaurants every day when there are already so many restaurants and other food joints to eat. Because we need diversity. Diversity in our food, diversity in the scenery where we eat and diversity in food blogs where you can actually enjoy different regional cuisine without visiting the same region. So, here is the Foodie with her own recipes that were collected from her elders, fellow bloggers, and cookbooks and anecdotes from my occasional trips with my family.

                     I always prefer to organic farming and healthy eating. All my recipes use healthy ingredients which help us in maintaining good health. As an Indian, my cooking involves spices but all the spices are homemade and cultivated organically. As a result, in spite of that spicy kick, my cooking is gentle on the tummy. This blog would be a testimonial that Indian cooking is always not full of oil and spices but healthy eating with fewer ingredients and spices. 


                       Another reason behind this blog was to chronicle the recipes that I have learned over the years. I was born and brought up in a town in India where every meal is a feast and every day is a celebration of good food and excellent cooking. Being brought up in such an environment, I learned the legacy of culinary skills since adolescence. My culinary skills were boosted when I got married to a family from easternmost Assam where food means great dishes from minimal ingredients. My kitchen is now a mix of two distinct sets of Assamese traditions where I can cook everything in two different ways. Through this blog, I would preserve those recipes for my son and his friends so that they can learn what legacy they need to carry on.

I love to dig the recipe and the history behind it. Naturally, my interest has compelled me to visit some of the awesome places to trace my culinary heritage. Here, you will find some of the amazing ethnic cuisines from north eastern part of India along with my snaps on my road trips.

From whom this blog is intended?

          The blog is for everyone who follows healthy cooking and healthy living. My recipes are easy and quick to cook with minimum ingredients and spices. The food is always green and healthy for your entire family. I run my home on the budget,  so most of my cooking tips are on the budget too.

So this blog is for you, if

  • You love easy but healthy recipes.
  • You love to explore new recipes from a faraway land.
  • You are a single person living on your own and want to eat time savvy and easily cooked food.
  • You want to explore new areas for your next holiday travel.



Feel free to shoot questions about recipes and tours. I am sure you would love to join this foodie on her road trips, always!

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