The Ultimate Shopping Guide for This Bohag Bihu

Bohag Bihu is here and it is time to rejoice, visit relatives and merry making. For you who do not what it is, let me explain. Bohag Bihu is one of the major festivals of us, Assamese. There are three Bihus-  Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu, Kati Bihu or Kongali Bihu and Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu. Bihu is out and out a festival of an agrarian society that we Assamese are. Bohag Bihu is celebrated before the start of the cultivation circle. It is celebrated during the spring, in Mid-April when the whole society rejoices a new world with all its spring glory. It also marks the start of Assamese New Year with the month of Bohag. According to renowned musical maestro Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, “Bohagat jatiye snan kore.” It means that the whole Assamese nation rejuvenates itself for the coming year and faces the hardship of growing food. The Bohag Bihu is marked with lots of merry-making like Bihu dance and songs. After the Bohag month, people gears up to sow and cultivate the paddy fields. The almost ripe harvest is worshiped by lighting earthen lamps during Kati Bihu. The harvest is celebrated during Magh Bihu and this is how the circle is closed.

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for This Bohag Bihu

Bohag Bihu is the time to meet our near and dear ones. Ask any of Assamese you know and they will sigh over Bohag Bihu and long to go home during the festivity. It is the time to seek blessings and spread love. It is the time to pamper and get pampered. During our childhood, it was the time when we eagerly waited for our relatives to come home and exchange gifts. It is not customary to exchange gifts but honestly speaking, who doesn’t love to be gifted? If you have any Assamese who is your near and dear one, Bohag Bihu is the best time to pamper them and visit them. That’s why I have come with this ultimate guide on what to buy and gift your Assamese friends on this festival of fun and blessings.

The Ultimate Shopping Guide for This Bohag Bihu

In this shopping guide for Bohag Bihu, I will discuss the things that hold special places in the Assamese society. There are lots of Assamese people who stay away from their home and even after longing, cannot manage to go home during the festival every year. Pamper them with the pure Assamese gifts with this shopping guide for Bohag Bihu.

All the gift ideas listed in this shopping guide for Bohag Bihu are available online. Hence it doesn’t matter in what part of the world you or your Assamese friends stay. Just click and gift!


Gamosa is a traditional hand woven piece of cloth which holds a special place in Assamese society. It is generally gifted to someone who is respectable and as a token of love. This rectangular piece of cloth comes with red borders in all sides and intricate designs in both the ends. The gamosas which are gifted during the Bohag Bihu are called Bihuwan. It is customary to gift gamosas during Bohag bihu and hence can be a good thing to gift this Bohag Bihu. You can buy gamosa here.

Bell metal products

Bell metal products are produced locally in Assam and extensively used in any Assamese household. Bell metal sorai is used to offer prosads to the lord and tamul-pan (bettle leaf-nuts) to the guests.

It was not until recent, bell metal products were not available online. But thanks to Brahmaputra Fables, now you can order bell metal products from any corner of the world. Here is the link where you can buy bell metal products online.

Green Tea

                                                                                                 Image credit: Here


Let’s admit. We Assamese are addictive to tea. We love to drink at any given time and in any form. But if you encourage good health, gift some green tea to your Assamese friends. Here is a Facebook page where you can buy green tea online.

Assamese Traditional Wear


Assam is home to three indigenous silk types- eri, muga and pat silk. The mekhela sador made with this silk are good option to gift on this Bohag Bihu. You can even buy some muga sari for yourself too. Here is the link where you can buy Assamese traditional wear.

Assamese Traditional Jewellery

Assamese traditional pieces of jewelry are simple, easy-to-wear yet elegant pieces of jewelry which can be gifted on this Bohag Bihu. Buy some elegant piece of jewelry from the brand, Parajapoti Axomiya Gohona online. This brand is run by a mompreneur and you can contact her here for some beautiful collection of jewelry.