Brahmi Xaak: Bacopa monierri

Brahmi Xaak is a commonly used herb in Assamese Cuisine. This particular perennial herb is known for its wonderful properties and has been widely used for boosting memory since time immemorial.

Brahmi Xaak is known to prevent certain cancers, improve respiratory diseases and stimulation of the mind to boost memory and concentration. It is also known and used as a stress reliever in ancients ayurvedic scripts.

Brahmi also has antioxidants and inflammatory properties making it a superfood.

Slightly bitter in taste, brahmi can be stir fried to eat as a side dish. You can also cook it with thinly sliced potatoes.

Before every annual exam, our grandma would bring some brahmi from the kitchen garden and stir-fried in ghee (clarified butter). She used to tell you that this particular remedy would help us to remember our lessons clearly. I used to hate that dish but we had to eat it.

I would never know if that dish was responsible for me and my brother’s good results but we hadn’t eaten it since we left home for higher studies. It’s funny how some simple things bring so many memories to us. Our grandma is no more but there were lessons I learned from her which would stay with me unless I pass it on to my next generation. After all, what is food if it doesn’t remind you of something or someone we love!!

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Brahmi Xaak: Indian #Herb

Asian Pennywort: Manimuni

~This series is a part of A-Z Blogging Challenge, 2018. I will be writing about different herbs, greens and ingredients used in AssameseCuisine.~

Asian pennywort or Manimuni, as it is called in Assamese language, is an integral herb in Assamese Cuisine.

Manimuni is a tender herb which grows abundantly in everywhere in Assam. It is common in every kitchen garden in Assam. A herb indigenous to Asia, it us widely used in cuisines of South East Asia, China and North East India.

Manimuni is known for its properties to heal stomach alimony, nausea, drowsiness and internal wounds. It also has anti bacterial properties.

Manimuni can be eaten raw as chutney or can be cooked with small fishes. In fact, it’s manadatory in my home to have Manimuni stew if you are suffering from stomach bug.

Pro tip- Do you suffer from bad body odor? Eat two leaves of Asian pennywort in empty stomach to get rid of it.