Review: Illish Festival, 6 Ballygunge Place, Guwahati

Ok, let’s admit. I am a self-acclaimed fish lover and every summer I look forward to the fresh batches of illish in the fish markets. I am totally in love with this fish and despite innumerable bones they have, my love for it increases with every bite I take. So, when the Guwahati chapter of 6 Ballygunge Place, the leading chain of Bengali cuisine organizes an Illish Festival, who could be happier than me? 

Where is Illish Festival at 6 Ballygunge Place, Guwahati? 

6 Ballugunge Place is India’s leading restaurant chain in Bengali cuisine. The name is enough to allure the Bengali food lover to their tables. The restaurant chain was started in 2003 and it was actually started in a mansion whose address is 6, Ballygunge Place! Since 2003, it has become synonym with good Bengali food and habits. Everything from their plates to sitting arrangements, from servers to the mukhsuddhi is a reflection of Bengali culture.

The Guwahati branch of 6 Ballygunge Place is the exact replica of its main edition in terms of food and hospitality. Even if you have not visited the original 6BP at Salt Lake, you can have everything legendary about the award winning restaurant sitting here in Guwahati.

The restaurant is located in the Lachit Nagar area. It is just near to the foot bridge of Lachit Nagar and the next building to the KFC Lachit Nagar. There is ample space for parking once you enter the premises and you need to bother about your car while savoring your favorite food.

What is Illish Festival at 6 Ballygunge Place, Guwahati? 

Illish festival at 6BP is the celebration of the fish Illish (Tenualosa ilisha) which has started on August 1st. Illish is one of the most favorite fish for most of the Bengalis and as well to a large part of Assamese people. The festival will be there throughout the August month and it’s a treat for all fish loving people out there.

Here is a look at what 6 Bllygunge Place is offering at their Illish Festival.

Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati


Honestly, I knew just one or two dishes that can be cooked with illish. I had no idea that illish can be made in such a luxurious manner with different ingredients. Apart from the begun illish dolma, I found everything appetizing and mouth watering. Here is a photographic journey of what my taste buds got at Illish festival at 5 Ballygunge Place, Guwhati.

Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati
                                                                                        The spread!


Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati
                                                                    Illish Amrar Tok


                                                    Illish and Paleng saaker dom


Personally, I was not blown over these two dishes. They are good but dont give that ‘exotic’ feel that illish carries. The amrar tok was very different from what I am used to and may be I was looking for that flavour and was disappointed.

Paleng and illish was ok for me.

Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati
                                                                 Aam Kasundi Illish

Aam kasundi illish was good and though I expected it to be in the savoury section, it was sweet and went well with the flavour of illish.

Govindbhog illish was just like fish biriyani but every grain of this dish was loaded with the typical illish flavour. It can be eaten as stand alone with some mustard sauce. When asked, we at the food blogger’s table was informed that the secret of this amazing rice dish was to cook the grains in illish stock. (Amazing tip, isn’t it?)

Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati
Govindbhog Illish


The dish below was the show stealer for me. Cooked in green chilli paste, the illish absorbed the right kick but not so spicy to your pallete. This dish was enough alone to give the illish festival a thumb up. Next time a fresh batch of illish lands in my kitchen, this is the dish I am going to try first.

Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati
Lanka baata Illish


The Iliish kata chorsori was ok so did the illish cooked in coconut paste. Narkel bhappa illish was steamed with coconut paste and spiced up with dry chillies. It was good but not as good as the lanka bata illish.

Narkel bhapa illish.





Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati
Illish Kata chosori
Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati
Mango Illish roll

These rolls were cooked with raw mango and deboned illish. And boy, what a dish! I was totally bowled with the subtle mango flavour mingled with deboned illish. I mean who does not love deboned fish!!!

Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati
The Table at Illish festival Ballygunge Place, Guwahati


Overall, the experince was good, tummy filling and amazing. We talked about food, bonded over it and look forward to such amazing food in future too.

So, if you are in Guwahti this August, do not miss the festival. It is upto 31st August. Go and live some life!!

Lastly, here is the famous crushed pan from 6 Ballygunge Place, Guwahati!

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