Restaurent Review: Genuine Broaster Chicken, Guwahati

Guwahati, the gateway to North East India is an assimilation of cuisines. Besides, local and ethnic cuisines from the region, the place is now home to international flavors catering to the mass. This is the reason that from time to time, international food chains are coming up in Guwahati and being loved by the crowd. The latest entrant to join the list is Genuine Broaster Chicken.

The restaurant was open on 22/05/2017 and I was invited as a blogger to know about the brand, the food and the overall what the brand is offering to its customers. It was a lovely afternoon with delicious food, cozy ambiance, and fine company.

The brand: Genuine Broaster Chicken

Genuine Broaster Chicken is one of the popular food joints of the USA. It tied with the Yellow Tie Hospitality, the food, and beverage franchise management group, in May 2016 to expand its reach in India. Within a year, the brand has extended its reach in major cities across the country. It was the brand’s first foothold in Guwahati while Mr. Ambarish Saha, Eastern head, Yellow Tie informed that they have the plan to open at least ten other outlets across the northeastern part of India. 

GBC is also known for the food equipment it makes. In fact, they are well known for pressure fryers, the same thing they use for frying their signature dishes. 

The Menu at Genuine Broaster Chicken, Guwahati

The menu at Genuine Broaster Chicken is a varied one. It is diverse, offering American food with some desi tadka. Here you can have a look at the menus here.

I tried quite a few items from the menu. The drinks are good and so does the food.

From the drinks, I loved the Chulbul and Bulbul. Yes. We Indians can be that crazy about Salman Khan that we prefer to name our drinks like that! Ok, jokes apart, drinks are soothing on a scorching hot day in Guwahati.

I loved the legendary GBC chicken fry so much. They come with a variety of dips which go well with every bite.  The chickens were fried using the Broaster pressure frying method which kept the juice in the chicken intact. The fries are crunchy yet moist. 

Crispy bu moist Genuine Briaster chicken fry
The crispy and moist chicen fries

The next item on the menu which I tried was from the Fries and Franchos section. It was a smoked BBQ franchos with lots of jalapenos, tomato, franchos and chicken bites. Personally, I somehow could not love the dish. The flavours somehow disobeyed to mingle and the dish tasted like a mess,

Genuine Broaster Chicken
Smoked BBQ Franchos

Then it was time for burgers and we were served two burgers, both veg, and non-veg. The veg burger was named PalakPaneer Burger where they used fresh spinach puree to make the patty and color the bun. The non-veg burger was named Lamb Rogan Josh Burger where the patty was made of the famous Indian dish. Unfortunately, the patties were too salty for me in taste and I couldn’t enjoy it much. 

Genuine Broaster Chicken
The burgers. No points for guessing that the green one was the Palak one!

Then came two fusion but ‘not-so-fusion’ dishes. The first one was Ghotala khichdi (non-veg) which was sassy, spicy yet delicious. I practically devoured it. It was hot but the flavors were well mixed and I just loved it. The second dish was Indian flat bread with Begum Jaan Keema. (Mind name, by the way!) Begum was well blended minced chicken with gorgeous spices. The parantha also went well with Cheese Maskedar of which I took a few bites but it was worth having. 

Ghotala Khichdi
Genuine Broaster Chicken Guwahati
Begum Jaan Keema with Indian Flat Bread

The meal was ended with some sweet note. We were served Choco Samosas with Mango Icecream which I loved. The samosas were filled with nuts which gave it a crunchy edge too. But the ice cream was divine. It was perfect for the evening and I think, I will order it whenever I visit Genuine Broaster Chicken, Guwahati next time. The other treat for sweet teeth was Golkund Muffin which melted as soon as the tongue met it. 

The Ambience and Service at Genuine Broaster Chicken Guwahati

The ambiance of the place is trendy and crowd puller. They have the sack lights in the ceiling and decoration was done to suit the mood. I, however, felt that the place would be a little congested on a busy day as there is hardly space between tables to roam. 

Genuine Broaster Chicken Guwahati

Service can be better at the place. We had to ask the attendants to lower the music several times which was at its loudest. And the cleanup crew needs t be alert each time someone finishes their meal. We had to sit with dirty plates for more than half an hour and the dishes were served without clearing the tables. But I believe in second chances and hope that as the time passes, the service would improve.

Overall, the experience was good with good company. If you love having chicken fries and good desserts, this place must be on your list.

Name of the Restaurant: Genuine Broaster Chicken Guwahati

Location: Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati

Cost for two: INR 500-600

Food: Good

Service: Poor

Ambiance: 50-50

 Picture courtesy: Self, Mitali G. Dutta and Guwahati Foodie

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